Web Developer

Web development with JavaScript typically involves building interactive and dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A web developer with JavaScript skills is responsible for developing and maintaining the front-end of web applications, which includes designing and implementing user interfaces, creating responsive layouts, and integrating data and services from back-end APIs.





Learning Path

Computer Basics

Understand the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. as well as the numbering system computers utilize to store, transfer, and retrieve data, as well as different deployment types including SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. ‎

Computer Networks

A computer cannot accomplish much on its own. Recognize the broad meaning of the Internet and networks. Discover the numerous parts that go into creating the tiniest network or the largest internet. Learns how to use standard commands to diagnose and resolve typical computer problems on a network. ‎

Webservice Technology

There won't be any networked computer communication without a message. Study several communication models, including JSON, XML, and flat file. Learn about the REST API and SOAP Webservice used to transmit these messages. Put your hands in the dirt by running postman and soap UI labs.

Version Control

Version control, is the practice of tracking and managing changes to software code. Version control enables collaborative development, code backup, code restore and many more. This session will focus on Git distributed version control and it walk you through step by step from create local repository, commit, push, merge and other operations. 

Relational Database

Database is a collection of information that organizes data in predefined relationships where data is stored in one or more tables (or "relations") of columns and rows. And database is crucial part of Enterprise application architecture that persists data permanently. This course demonstrates some the must know SQL ad-hoc command, function and RDBMS concepts.

Programming fundamentals with JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular programming language used primarily for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. It is a client-side scripting language that runs in a user's web browser and allows developers to add interactive elements to web pages, such as pop-up windows, dropdown menus, and form validation.

Web Design

This lesson gives brief introduction to some of web design components such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, UI and UX Design. 

React JS

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook and is widely used for developing web applications, particularly those with complex user interfaces. ReactJS uses a declarative approach to building UIs, where the developer writes the code that describes how the interface should look and behave, and React takes care of updating the interface when the state of the application changes.

Node JS

Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript not only on the client-side but also on the server-side, making it possible to use the same language for the entire web application stack. It also provides a rich set of built-in modules, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FileSystem, and others, making it easier for developers to build web applications.

Capstone Project

The project is made to have you think critically and apply what you've learnt during your learning journey by simulating real-world events. You must use your knowledge and expertise in the capstone project in a manner akin to how you would in your job. By combining fundamental research techniques with in-depth learned procedures. ‎





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